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About SPIRE Camps

SPIRE Institute offers co-ed, summer boarding, and day camps for the novice to elite level athlete ages 10-19 in Basketball, Soccer, Swimming, and Track & Field. All SPIRE camps parallel the boarding Academy program, and focus on technical, tactical, physical, and mental aspects of the sport for the optimal performance edge at SPIRE's Olympic-grade facilities. You will receive individual attention, including in-depth instruction by some of the leading coaches in the United States, performance training with SPIRE Performance, utilizing the Michael Johnson Performance Training System, which is specifically designed to improve sport-specific agility, power, and strength. Not only will you better your abilities in the sport physically, but SPIRE includes mental conditioning to get your mind in the right spot. Register Here

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SPIRE Institute Basketball Camps offer a unique, cutting-edge environment for players wanting a competitive advantage. Focus includes the principles of discipline, teamwork, consistency, leadership, and commitment. These principles, our staff's commitment, and our complete analysis of every aspect of your game, make it possible to reach your maximum potential on and off the court. SPIRE Performance training is included and designed to develop core strength, power, and flexibility.

Our Camp Staff:

Camp Director and Head Basketball Coach Bobby Bossman has successfully built nationally ranked basketball academies across the country. As the former Head Coach at Westwind Prep (AZ) and La Jolla Prep (CA), Coach Bossman has demonstrated a commitment to the development and placement of student-athletes into collegiate programs that best fit them academically, athletically, and socially. Bossman and his coaching staff have placed more than 100 student athletes in college on athletic scholarship.

Associate Director John Kopcso brings a collegiate coaching background, Kopcso guides student athletes through the national exposure and college recruitment process.

Camps Dates:

June 13th -17th

June 19th -24th

June 26th- July 1st

July 25th- 29th

SPIRE Institute Soccer Camps offer a unique, cutting-edge environment for players wanting a competitive advantage. SPIRE Performance training is included and designed to develop core strength, power, and flexibility.

Our Camp Staff:

Camp Director and Head Soccer Coach Jamie Smith has several United States Soccer Federation coaching licenses including the National Soccer Coaches Association of America’s Advanced National Coaching Diploma. Smith also earned the NSCAA/KNVB International coaching license. Coach Smith was named the Pennsylvania West Coach of the Year in 2006.

5 Day Camps

Technical, tactical, physical and mental development is focused on an individual basis within a small group and team setting.

June 27th- July 1st

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3 Day Camp

Pre Season High School Preparation Camp

This Soccer Camp is designed to help players prepare for their High School Pre Season.

Focusing on the Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychological demands necessary to compete at the High School level.

Aug 4th-7th

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SPIRE Institute Swim Camps offer a unique, cutting-edge environment for select swimmers wanting a competitive advantage. With two distinct camps to focus on all technical aspects of racing, and designed to specifically develop the four competitive strokes plus starts, turns, transitions, and finishes. Stroke technique, efficiency and speed will all improve. SPIRE Performance training is included and designed to develop core strength, power, and flexibility.

Our Camp Staff:

Camp Director and Head Swim Coach Thad Schultz has 22 years of competitive coaching experience. Thad has coached at The Ohio State University, Penn State University, and Clemson University. He has coached several NCAA and Olympic qualifiers.

Stroke (5 day)

  • Skill acquisition and development in all four competitive strokes.
  • Combination of Drills, Skills, and Training.
  • Start and Turn development.
  • Use of Backstroke Ledges and Block-Top Fins.
  • World Class, Olympic Grade Aquatic Facility.
  • One of the most comprehensive and up to date training camp experiences.


2017 Camp Dates

June 4th-8th

June 11th -15th

Aug 6th- 10th

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Starts and Turns (3 day)

  • Specific and intense focus on Starts and Turns of all strokes.
  • Learning how to execute fast, safe, and legal turns.
  • Focus on IM transition turns.
  • Reaction off the start.
  • Initial breakouts.
  • Smooth entries.
  • World Class, Olympic Grade Aquatic Facility.
  • Use of Backstroke Ledges and Block-Top Fins.

2017 Camp Dates

June 2nd- 4th

June 9th- 11th

Aug 11th- 13th

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Download SPIRE Camp Guide

SPIRE Institute Track & Field Camps offer a unique, cutting-edge environment for athletes wanting a competitive advantage. SPIRE Performance training is included and designed to develop core strength, power, and flexibility.

Our Camp Staff:

Camp Director and Head Track Coach Charlie Powell is an outstanding middle distance coach with 25 years of head coaching at University of Pennsylvania and has coached Olympians, All-Americans, NCAA champions and Pan Am Champions.

Coach Nathan Taylor during his college coaching career he developed nearly 50 Division 1 All-American athletes and was selected as the NCAA Regional Coach of the Year 13 times. Coach Taylor has multiple All-American athletes in every jumping, sprint, hurdle and decathlon events.

Throws Coach Christine Stancliff, a former All-American Javelin thrower is considered one of the top throws coaches in America.


June 13th- 17th

June 19th-24th

June 26th- July 1st

July 6th- 8th

July 10th-15th

July 17th- 22nd


June 13th- 17th

June 19th-24th

June 26th- July 1st

July 6th- 8th

July 10th-15th

July 17th- 22nd


June 26th- July 1st

July 10th-15th


June 19th- 24th




  Download SPIRE Camp Guide Register Here


Learn More About SPIRE Camps

Download SPIRE Camp GuideRegister Here

Also Included with SPIRE Camps

College Recruiting/Education:

What does it take to be a Collegiate Athlete? Becoming a collegiate athlete is a multi-step process that involves parents, student-athletes and guidance from coaches and counselors. Our staff walks athletes through the key steps of how to get started and what they need to accomplish to play in college.

Mental Skills Performance Training:

Do you know specifically how to prepare yourself like a champion – both physically and mentally? Would you like to maximize your performance? SPIRE's Mental Skills Performance team works with athletes across all academy and camp programs. Core concepts: Focus, Self Control, Routines, Imagery, Confidence/Trust, Goal Setting, Perspective, Positive Self-Talk.


SPIRE understands the importance of healthy eating and proper nutrition. That is why SPIRE Fuel was created. Located on site, SPIRE Fuel is an innovative ‘training table’ approach to eating (or ‘fueling’ your system). Fuel offers students, competitors and visitors alike the same nutritious fresh meal options enjoyed by Olympic and Professional athletes.

SPIRE Performance:

Getting better and making the team doesn’t just mean training harder. It means training smarter with state of the art equipment, up-to date training technology and the world’s most advanced training techniques. SPIRE Performance training system will make you faster, stronger, and more agile. It’s the world’s best training designed by the best, for the best.

Besides YOUR GAME, here's what to bring to camp.

The items below are based on 5-training day stay at SPIRE. Students staying shorter or longer times will need to adjust this list to accommodate their stay. Laundry service is available.

  • Notebook/pen or pencils to record what you learn
  • 6 shorts, 6 shirts/tops, 6 pairs of socks, 1 pair long pants & sweatshirt, Sweater and lightweight jacket, Running shoes , Swimsuit, Beach/bath towels, Sunscreen/lotion, Personal toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.), Bug repellent, Flip flops for shower, Lock, Laundry bag, Water jug
  • Athletes are permitted to bring cell phones to camp. 


Camp Schedule (subject to change) *Times may vary for swim camps and three day camps

Time Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7:15am   Wake Up
Drive to SPIRE / Non-Boarding Check-In
9:00am Start Time
Training Session
Complete Athlete Training*
Check Out
Boarding Camper
Training Session/MJP
4:00pm Commuter Camper Check Out   
Add-On Period / Student Lounge Area

Camp Meeting

Evening Activities
10:00pm Lights Out
* Includes Group College Readiness and Mental Conditioning



Campus Services


  • Please send mail to students at the following address:

Student’s Name

c/o SPIRE Camps

5201 SPIRE Circle

Geneva, OH 44041

  • Students may drop of mail with their resident advisor. It is suggested that they bring their own stamps and writing material.


  • Students are permitted to bring cell phones.
  • The switchboard closes at 7:00pm. In the event of an emergency, call SPIRE Institute at 440.466.1002. The on-site Property Manager and staff will assist your son/daughter in contacting you immediately.
  • Students can receive faxes at 440.415.1087.

Safety & Security

  • The safety & security of our students and guests is our primary concern.
  • Students live in secure environments with staff present 24-hours a day.

Technology and Internet on Campus

  • SPIRE Institute’s entire campus offers free Wi-Fi to all our guests. 

Visitor Information

SPIRE Institute is located directly off I-90 in beautiful Geneva, Ohio. Just 45 miles from downtown Cleveland and minutes away from the Geneva on the Lake resort area, pristine wineries and championship golf fishing and more. Every consideration has been taken at SPIRE to create an unparalleled experience for the athlete, coach and the spectator. While you are at SPIRE, take advantage of the wide-ranging services and activities we offer to enhance your stay.

On Campus Information

SPIRE Institute is a massive complex with a lot of amazing things to see and do. While you are here, please see any SPIRE employee with questions or concerns.

Visitor Housing

SPIRE Institute has partnered with many local hotels to accommodate you during your visit to campus. For questions about lodgings for large teams and groups, please contact our Hotels Team at[email protected]. Or click the button below to visit our hotel reservation system.

Hotel Information

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if SPIRE cancels my camp?

SPIRE reserves the right to cancel a program session if participation numbers are not adequate. You may select an alternative program session date or request a full refund of amount paid. SPIRE is not responsible for any personal travel or other expenses associated with attending the program session.  Camper waives any and all damages that may otherwise arise out of any camp cancellation and agrees to accept as liquidated damages said camp tuition fees.

What is your refund policy?

Registration fees and deposits are non-refundable.  For campers who have applied to a program but cannot attend for any reason, you may select an alternative program session, subject to availability and according to the following terms: 

  • Notice of transfer must be submitted in writing by email to [email protected].  
  • No prorated credits will be issued for partial attendance at a program session or missed days due to illness, dismissal, behavioral issues, or any other reason. 
  • All alternative program session requests must be received no later than two (2) weeks prior to the start date of earliest scheduled program session.
  • The alternative program session request must be redeemed by the conclusion of the next year’s summer program sessions, otherwise all amounts paid are forfeited.  

In the event the alternative program session is more expensive than the session originally paid for, the camper/ camper’s guardian shall pay the difference in program fees.

Where can I find detailed information for a camp that I’m already registered for such as packing list, schedules, directions, etc.?

After you register for one of our camps, detailed confirmation and registration information will be sent to you. Registration information contains answers to all the important questions about camps, including what to bring with you, what time to arrive, as well as directions and maps to the facilities. This packet of information also contains important health and release forms, which every camper must complete before attending camp.

What ages and skill levels are SPIRE Camps geared toward?

SPIRE Camps are offered to athletes from 10 through 19. 10-19 for non-boarding, 11-19 for boarding. Most of our Camp programs are designed to accommodate players of all skill levels from beginner to elite athletes. Athletes of similar skill level play train with each other.

How are the campers supervised?

The campers are supervised by the staff both on and off the training field. For our boarding campers, a Resident Advisor will live in the dorms with the campers.

Do I need to send in forms before camp?

Yes, all campers are required to bring the Health Form, Agreement to Participate Form, and Waiver Form. We cannot allow campers to participate unless these have been submitted.

Can my children stay together in the same room?

Children are grouped together in rooms by their age and gender. Therefore, if siblings of the same gender are close in age, rooming may be a possibility.

Do you have wireless Internet on site at SPIRE?

SPIRE has wireless Internet available for free.

Can campers bring their cell phone and iPod?

Yes, campers may bring these items. However SPIRE is not responsible if these items are lost damaged or stolen.

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Missing a form? Download them here.

     Agreement to Participate

     Student Health Record

     Travel Itinerary

     Waiver Form